JMP Holdings – Conquering Sustainability Milestones through GECA

In early 2020, JMP Holdings approached GECA to validate the recycled content of 100% recycled satchels that were created for the retail brand, THE ICONC. JMP decided to get its GECA standard certification, under which consumers can be reassured that the analysed proposition has been independently assessed to meet environmental, health and social impact criteria, and has proven to be fit for purpose.

“JMP Holdings have been privileged to work with nationally recognised brands such as THE ICONIC to take a different approach to sustainable packaging solutions. The partnership with GECA allows JMP to apply a new way of thinking to necessary sustainability challenges offering solutions that are aligned with not only consumers expectations but without compromising quality or branding,” says Tamara Joyce, Business Development Manager, Retail Packaging Solutions at JMP Holdings

Customers are encouraged to recycle all ICONIC soft plastic packaging via REDcycle bins, available at major supermarkets nationwide. Under the REDcycle recovery initiative, soft plastic packaging is up-cycled to produce new products such as benches, outdoor furniture and road infrastructure. With access to both Post Consumer and Post Industrial recycled plastics, JMP Holdings can add up to 100% recycled resin into your plastic packaging and lower your carbon footprint. So when consumers recycle their soft plastics, it finds its way back, instead of landfill or the litter stream. This is unlike other recycled satchels, which only use their own factory waste plastic as their recycled component.

To know more about this or to switch your plastic packaging to a sustainable solution, please get in touch with the specialised team at JMP Holdings.


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