Portavin – Supporting the wine industry through thick and thin!

2020 was the year of uncertainties. With COVID-19 pandemic impacting the wine industry in the worst possible way, it was time for the industry to get back together and support one another. In leiu with their commitment to support the wine community, Portavin Integrated Wine Services decided to move ahead with its sponsorship of events. Though a lot of the shows were put on hold or re-invented for the new normalities in 2020, WA, SA and VIC managed to keep the industry spirits soaring by ensuring a few shows were able to go ahead, albeit a little different from previous years.

In 2021, when most shows are expected to see a return, Portavin will continue to sponsor the major shows celebrating the wine industry. Wine events are important to showcase and celebrate the diversity of our wines and can help to improve the quality by benchmarking them against their peers. Few of the shows that we will be a part of this year will be:

Portavin Wine Show of WA: The 44th Portavin Wine Show of WA will be held from Oct 12-15, 2021 at Sounness Park, Mount Barker. A 3-day event where esteemed judges will assess over 1000 wines grown and produced in Western Australia and award trophies across 18 categories. 

Young Gun of Wine Awards: Portavin is delighted to be a sponsor of these awards that showcases the work of young wine labels and winemakers on the rise. 

Australian Women in Wine Awards: Celebrating diversity, this show rewards the work of women in the Australian wine community, and community leaders who champion equality and fairness in the workplace.

 The ASVO Awards for Excellence recognises the achievements of some of the most dedicated and professional individuals in the wine industry.

In addition to these, Portavin supports majority of the wine industry events across Australia and hopes to be at the forefront of ushering in change and supporting the wine community.


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