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PURPOSE – The San Miguel Yamamura Australasia group (SMYA) is committed to ensuring all reasonably practicable measures are taken to provide places of work that do not risk the health and safety of any person, as well as meet compliance with all legislative requirements. The purpose of this Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Policy is to expressly provide this commitment to all personnel of SMYA, including its subsidiary companies i.e. employees, contractors and their staff, visitors, customers and other persons affected by our workplace activities.

GOAL – SMYA acknowledges its overall responsibility for health and safety. SMYAs WH&S goal is to create a safe and sustainable organisation whereby the environment and culture protects the health, safety and wellbeing of all SMYA personnel.  This goal is underpinned by the company’s commitment to:

  • Achieving a high level of safety awareness and consultation throughout the company;
  • Managing risk through hazard identification, assessment and control;
  • Allocating appropriate financial and physical resources to assist proactive and effective management of WH&S;
  • Enhance the WH&S management system through review, evaluation and measurement.

WH&S FRAMEWORK – In order to achieve the goal and objectives outlined above, SMYA is focused on continual improvement of a group WH&S management framework consisting of effective programs and safe work practices. This framework is based upon a risk management concept and its key aspects include:

  • Establishment of WH&S responsibilities across all sites;
  • Creation of effective consultative mechanisms to ensure involvement of SMYA staff and contractors;
  • Systematic identification of hazards and ensuring all reasonably practicable measures are taken towards effective elimination, or at the very least minimisation, of any foreseeable risks to health and safety;
  • Provision and maintenance of plant, equipment, substances, premises and facilities which are without risk to health and safety;
  • Safe systems of work and documented safe work policies and procedures;
  • Provision of adequate supervision, information, instruction and training, including induction programs, to enable all SMYA staff and contractors to work safely; and
  • Reporting and evaluation of WH&S related matters and initiatives.

PARTICIPATION – SMYA aims to foster positive workplace cultures across its operations where safety is considered to be a core value, safe behaviour is encouraged and respected, and continual improvement is considered to be part of normal business practice.  SMYA understands that everyone in the business, irrespective of position, has an important role to play to ensure the health and safety of persons at our places of work.

SMYA expects all individuals at SMYA’s workplaces, whether they be a manager, non-manager, contractor, visitor or customer, to assist SMYA by taking ownership, being actively involved and complying with all of the company’s requirements for health and safety. Therefore, all personnel are required to:

  • Actively participating in WH&S and demonstrating appropriate positive attitudes towards WH&S;
  • Take all reasonable steps to work in a safe and healthy manner;
  • Only undertake tasks in which they have been trained and deemed competent to perform;
  • Co-operate with all safety procedures including the use of Personal Protective Equipment supplied;
  • Report all incidents and hazards that they identify;
  • Actively contribute, through consultative mechanisms, to continually improve workplace health and safety.

SMYA requires all of its personnel to actively embrace WH&S as a critical element of its operations.

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