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Our Sustainability Promise

The world is full of uncertainty. Enormous challenges – including climate change, poverty, and inequality – are at the forefront of daily life and seemingly becoming ever more urgent. Yet, one thing that isn’t uncertain, is the need for change.

At SMYA, we appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. We believe humanity depends on harnessing the power of packaging to deliver products everywhere; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold.

The work we do with our customers to protect and enhance their brands by responding to the risks and opportunities created by climate change will be SMYA’s biggest contribution to society.

A better future is a world that works for all humanity and the planet. We play a vital role in helping the communities and economies in which we operate transition to a more sustainable, liveable future.

One World, One Chance.

February 2022


Our approach today focuses on propelling positive change in six areas to create a better world for tomorrow.

Our strategy is to provide an agreed framework to focus our investment and drive performance, as well as engaging with our internal and external stakeholders. From this framework, a prioritised set of actions will be instilled focusing on what matters most today.

Corporate sustainability may not be simple, but it is necessary.

Our people are the most important element of our success. We need a motivated, engaged and diverse workforce to deliver our purpose and put it into action through our sustainability framework. We want to provide our people, and those that come into contact with us, with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver practical, sustainable solutions.

We will work with Brand Owners, industries and governments to protect and enhance their performance by:

• Responding to the risks and opportunities presented by sustainability and climate change

• Joining forces with our stakeholders to build sustainable, liveable futures

• Participating as members in industry sustainability associations and elevating existing partnerships.

Making positive change for the environment resonates at the core of humanity. No matter of title or role, we can all help make our workplaces a little greener and reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change. SMYA has begun to capture, monitor and develop strategies to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Starting at the source, creating value through responsible procurement. Reimagine our supply chain/networks, product lifecycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as supplier strategy, ethical sourcing and procurement, right weight packaging, plus pre and post–consumer circular recycling.

Our aim is to continuously improve in adopting principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life. SMYA will lead to create a sustainability movement, delivering:

• Legal compliance

• Increased reputation with consumers

• Competitive advantage

• Reduce waste

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Updated 20 September 2022

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