At San Miguel, safety is everyone’s job!

One of San Miguel’s objectives for this year, is to highlight the importance of prioritising the safety of our staff and our operations. Understanding your workplace’s safety tasks and procedures is critical, not only for individual safety, but for all colleagues on site; it’s everyone’s responsibility to familiarise with these guidelines, and to ask questions when an indication is unclear. Safety is not someone else’s job, it’s everyone’s job.

In order to send the message across all our employees, stakeholders, customers and the industries we serve, we developed a collaborated piece with every business in the group. Our new Safety Video called ‘Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe” aims to promote employee safety, ensures compliance with regulations, mitigates risks, improves productivity and most importantly, fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

Thank you to the identified ‘Cast’ who was always open to participate in the creation of this visual piece, the outcomes talks by itself and we are fully convinced it will support our objectives around safety while communicating to the rest of the world how we manage and elevate our priorities on our employees’ well-being.

Meet the Cast!: Leanne Hamence and the superstars from Cospak SA warehouse team; Paul G. and the academy award actors and actresses from the administrative and warehouse team at Cospak VIC; Wayne, Bert and Josh from SANECTOR and their always friendly approach and cooperation to make this project alive; Anton, Aki and the wonderful team at Cospak Manufacturing in New Zealand; Dan, Adam, Kate and the rockstars from the cork manufacturing facility, Andrew, Connor and the extra set of amazing hidden talents we have at JMP retail in Victoria. And of course our COO, Nathan Cameron our DMD, Ross Sinclair for their great participation on this project and for all of them including our MD Rene Cabrera for their inputs to ensure the message is properly delivered.


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