WineTech 2022

WineTech is a major trade show that SMYA continues to attend every time it is ran. Ran every 3 years for 3 days, WineTech is a great opportunity for experienced, new and emerging winemakers and wine industry suppliers take some time out to connect and bump heads with one another. Along with the trade show, there were also floor talks with industry representatives providing exciting educational insight to the wine sector and what to expect in the near future. As a consistent supporter of WineTech, we were very excited to showcase everything the business has on offer in an intensive 3-day experience.

With the recent launch of SANECTOR, we took this opportunity to raise awareness of the merger of our contract filling brands with winemakers and delegates. SANECTOR garnered plenty of attention with visitors, especially with our collaboration with Packamama to fill their eco-flat bottles. Made from 100% recycled plastic in a flat design, these bottles can only be filled at our bottling facility in Cheltenham, Melbourne. Filling wine from Taylors and Banrock Station, these bottles are taking the market by storm as a short term filling option.

Armed with their vast range of wine specific packaging options, from bottles, cans and dividers to wax and cartons, COSPAK hit the ground running when 10am hit on Monday morning. Lois, Area Manager from SA had this to say about WineTech: “It was a great opportunity to connect with some new faces, touch base with some current customers, represent the COSPAK business and of course get some enquiries through the door as well.”.

Vinocor and JMP were able to take advantage of the number of industry delegates and exhibitors to build their networks and discuss the overall industry climate. Connecting with likeminded people is something special, especially after the past few years.

During WineTech we also took the opportunity to have a Manager’s Conference and invite some very special international visitors. Our overseas guests consisted of SMYA Board of Directors and SMYPC staff – Ferdie Tumpalan (SMYA Chairman, SMYPC President), Kei Sato (SMYPC EVP), Gerry Martin and Jon Nisperos.

Pictured (L-R) is Ferdie Tumpalan, Rene Cabrera, Dan Simmons, Jon Nisperos, Ross Sinclair, Gerry Martin, Kei Sato, Jackie Tumpalan, Marlene Nisperos and Mrs Sato.


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