Cospak attends Adelaide Hills Wine Show

On December 2nd, Lois and Mark from Cospak SA attended the Adelaide Hills Wine Show at the picturesque National Wine Centre. During the show, they were able to touch base with past and current customers whilst gaining valuable knowledge of the current market to source opportunities to collaborate and leverage the Cospak brand. 

This is what Mark Perry, Cospak SA Area Manager, had to say about the event:

“Lois and I had the fantastic opportunity of attending the Adelaide Hills Wine show at the Wine Centre last Friday. It was unique too, as the drone of the racing cars from the Adelaide 500 city street circuit were a continuous presence.
I had the great honour of presenting the award for Best Shiraz in the Adelaide Hills and being on that stage in the vast auditorium amongst customers and peers was wonderful.

The networking opportunities were fantastic and the superb food and wine just made a great day better. I know that Lois and I represented Cospak with charm and dignity.”


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