Best Bottler’s new canning line is here!

Canning line_Best Bottlers

It is the dawn of a new era for Best Bottlers as we forge ahead with innovative technologies and customer focused solutions. The latest – A new canning line in Mildura! This step has expanded the Best Bottler’s capabilities beyond the existing 47,000 bottles per hour capacity across a total of six bottling lines at our three sites in Mildura, Griffith and Sydney.  

The new canning line consists of an automated high-rise de-palletiser and two CanPro fillers and seamers running up to 200 cans per minute in each line. In-line installations include a Filtec volume checker and high-speed labeller for smaller runs. With capabilities for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; sparkling and still in both classic and slim cans as well as the ability to do small runs and can labelling capabilities, this truly will be an industry game-changer.

Our COO, Ross Sinclair says, “We had the infrastructure already in place with regards to qualified staff, wine tanks, laboratory and more importantly our customers were looking for canning options. The canning line will give our customers the advantage to explore new markets in whatever market they operate in – wine, cider, RTD, ginger beer or non-alcoholic beverages. The Mildura site is uniquely placed to tap into the NSW, SA and Victorian markets with truck and train routes moving products daily between these states.”

To know more or to book an order, please get in touch with the Best Bottlers team in Mildura.


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