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Vinocor – Peerless, Proven, Preferred

Leading Australasian wine cork group

As the market leading cork manufacturer in Australasia, Vinocor have the unique ability to produce and supply the full range of cork closures available globally. Our state of the art cork finishing facility is considered the benchmark in the Southern Hemisphere, ensuring consistent and superior in bottle performance.

Our products are the closures of choice and trusted by the most prestigious wine labels throughout Australia & New Zealand. The only name synonymous with service, quality, reliability and integrity.

Vinocor is the only cork processing facility to have both HACCP and ISO accreditation ensuring total quality management throughout all processes.

Vinocor is renowned as being the “Winemakers Choice” for:

  • Premium Natural Wine Corks
  • Technical Wine Corks
  • Sparkling Wine Corks
  •  screwcaps
  • Sparkling Hoods
  • Polylaminate caps