JMP Holdings Logo

JMP holdings is a leading packaging supplier catering to a wide range of industries.

The main focus of JMP has been to introduce new and innovative products into the country while steadily growing and supplying with the best packaging products for retail, online packaging, cargo protection and materials handling.

Retail Packaging

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of paper, plastic, biodegradable and non-woven polypropylene packaging, we provide a range of customised point of sale shopping bags to both the retail, supermarket and online segments. With focus on environmental sustainability, we are able to offer reusable, recyclable and degradable shopping bags in line with the needs of the retailer. Other offerings include gift boxes, ribbon, tissue paper and dump bins.

Ecommerce Solutions

JMP has developed a range of custom made packaging designed specifically for online sales and maximising the promotion of online brands. The showpiece item for the range is the trademarked eTailbag, a custom made courier bag designed by JMP. The other products in the range include outer cartons, mailing tubes, garment cartons and packing tape.

Cargo Protection

We are the experts in protecting your precious cargo, whatever be the value. Our range includes thermal liners, dunnage bags, desiccants, flexi tanks, bulk container liners, stretch wrap and more. We have lead the way by first introducing the Envirotuff Thermal Liner into the Australian market and then following it up with worldwide distribution.

Materials Handling

With offerings such lightweight and heavy duty plastic pallets, plastic and fibre slip sheets and pallet layer pads, we have complete materials handling solutions for warehouse and transportation applications. Designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, our range of material handling products can be used for both domestic and export use.