“From Concept to Reality®”

Provides total packaging solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, offering a comprehensive range of quality products in glass, plastics, metal, paper and flexibles.

Our local plants and facilities coupled with extensive manufacturing capabilities from our parent company San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation provide Cospak the capacity to supply market leaders in the wine, beverage, food, chemical, personal care & pharmaceutical industries.

Our Plants and Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities provide access to a great depth of experience and a multitude of materials. These range from more traditional moulding materials to newly developed resins such as bio-sourced and compostable plastics. Our in-house experience has even been utilised in the development of innovative new resins alongside prominent internationally recognised research institutions.

Cospak Manufacturing | Auckland | Plastics

Blow moulding, injection moulding, screen printing and design facilities for the production of containers and closures, including the recently developed and patented SBC Tamper Evident closure system.

Cospak Manufacturing | Sydney | Plastics

With the capacity to produce both extrusion and injection blow moulded containers up to 25 litres, Cospak Manufacturing also provides clean room production areas used for the manufacturing of containers for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Cospak Manufacturing | Guangzhou | Paper

Cospak Manufacturing China builds our patented dividers such as the in-house designed Coslock for the multitude of applications in Australasia and extending to Europe.

SMY Packaging & Yamamura Glass Qinghuangdao | Asia | Glass

Cospak Pty Ltd has access to the in-depth experience and extensive manufacturing network of SMY Packaging and YGQ glass production in state of the art facilities in the Philippines, China and Vietnam. SMY Packaging also manufactures a huge range of quality products spanning glass, plastics, metal, paper and flexibles for a vast number of industries.