“The natural choice” – Vinocor

Leading Australasian wine cork group

Vinocor strengthens its synergies and achievements with both local and international wine companies. This follows the Group’s recent success in achieving its globalisation objective with direct supply affiliates in all active worldwide winemaking locations.

Vinocor have direct supply cork, cap and glass quality assurance and processing facilities located strategically around the world.

Vinocor offer technical support, inventory management, stock control, traceability, processing and above all, Total Quality Management. This ensures that Vinocor are able to supply and assure “fit for use” products to each of the regional areas at the point of use/sale, without exception.

Vinocor is renowned as being the “Winemakers Choice” for:

  • Premium Natural Wine Corks
  • Technical Wine Corks
  • Sparkling Wine Corks
  • SC CO2 Extraction
  • BVS screwcaps
  • Tin Capsules
  • Sparkling Hoods
  • Glass Bottles